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Payroll Tax Consultation

Get Your Payroll Done Right

So you’re up and running – and things are going smoothly. But life and business teach us that doesn’t last forever. Sometimes you grow, sometimes you downsize. Can you plan the impact of this on your payroll tax?  You start to offer more than just an hourly wage to workers. Are those benefits taxable or not? You open more than one office, sometimes in more than one state. Are you confident you know the payroll tax laws of every county, city or state? You diversify, needing different types of workers. Are those workers employees or independent contractors? Is that your choice, or a matter of law?

            What about legislation? The IRS has changes to payroll tax legislation every year. The Affordable Care Act, The Dept of Labor’s changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act in 2016 (overturned in 2017}, and the latest PAID self-audit program are some recent examples. Some affect you, some don’t. States also have their rules, some of which CONFLICT with federal regulation. Both the IRS and States have active payroll tax auditors, so being out of compliance can and does have serious consequences.

            You always have the option of scheduling and waiting for webinars, seminars or researching this information on your own. Or you can have someone to call RIGHT NOW. When you enlist MS Payroll for payroll processing services, your consultations on topics like these are either free or deeply discounted. Even if you aren’t having MS Payroll calculate paychecks, his advice comes at an affordable rate.

          Mark Schwartz is uniquely qualified to provide your payroll consultations. Not only is Mark a payroll tax expert, he was also an internal auditor, as well as a payroll tax auditor. So Mark not only knows what tax auditors are looking for, but how businesses can assess the risk to themselves, and how to mitigate those risks.

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