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Mark Schwartz

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Mark has operated MS Payroll for 6 years in Sacramento and recently moved to Rio Vista, CA. The following is a summary of his education and experience, correlated to how he can help your business manage your payroll:


          Mark earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Santa Clara University. He worked for 8 years as an internal auditor for private and public entities. He evaluated business operations for efficiency and effectiveness. This included regulatory compliance, financial reporting and divisions’ ability to meet and exceed goals and standards set by the organization. He evaluated CalPERS’ payroll and HR division, one of the largest such divisions in California State Government.

          This experience means Mark can quickly evaluate your business’ payroll function for compliance and effectiveness. He will identify any current difficulties, foreseeable problems, and cost saving opportunities.


          Mark has processed payrolls for approximately 1 dozen small to medium sized businesses in Sacramento. He was also a payroll tax auditor for the State of California. His most complex business included multiple shifts, overtime calculations, garnishments, wage differentials, FLSA compliance and other wage and labor issues. His payroll software is flexible to all needs of the small business community.


          Mark has provided consultation services for 8 different national payroll webinar providers. He has a wide presence, speaking to audiences on 20 different payroll tax related topics. These include Multi-State Employment, Fringe Benefits, Audits, Root-Cause analysis, Payroll Related Fraud, and many others. This forces Mark to keep up on all the latest payroll laws and regulations in all 50 states. This ensures both accuracy in processing your payroll, but also the flexibility and knowledge to grow with your business. Should you need advice or consultation due to a payroll audit for to expand to different industries or states, Mark will let you know what you have to consider in the payroll arena.

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