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You’re a payroll professional. You work for a company with ever changing needs. You need to keep up on the very latest in payroll tax related information. If not, your workers, your company, your job could be at stake. There are a lot of companies that provide payroll tax related webinars. All charge about the same price. Mark Schwartz is a panelist for a number of them. Why should that attract you?

            Mark Schwartz is uniquely qualified to conduct a webinar that will help you take advantage of this “once in a lifetime” offer from the US DOL. Not only is Mark a payroll tax expert, he was also an internal auditor, as well as a payroll tax auditor. So Mark not only knows what tax auditors are looking for, but how businesses can assess the risk to themselves, and how to mitigate those risks.  He works with a team of professionals in order to get industry specific information that could be crucial to your success. And if you don’t want to wait, call now and he will schedule a personal webinar.

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