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Payroll Processing

Full Services for All Your Payroll Needs

All small business owners understand employees must be paid. Most understand the when and how applicable to the IRS and to the State they operate in.  But many do not completely understand the complexities that come with a growing workforce and/or a growing business. Plenty of small business owners overlook the labor, time and effort required to complete payroll for small business. A small business that fails to pay its employees in-full and in a timely manner will inevitably face a workforce backlash and high turnover, as well as possible legal consequences.

    As you can see, there are many more duties than just calculating withholdings, deductions and net pay. There are obligations to more than just federal and state taxing agencies. Online payroll services and off-the-shelf payroll software economically accomplish these basics, but rarely offer the full range of services necessary to relieve the business owner of payroll related responsibilities. Further, no matter what payroll service you use, the owner is ALWAYS responsible for payroll related liabilities resulting from non-compliance.

    Because of this, the owner needs to evaluate what duties they will perform and manage in-house. If they choose to outsource payroll functions, they need to carefully choose what payroll service to use. The smart owner chooses based on the size and complexity of their business, the level of knowledge his/her staff has about payroll, the level of compliance risk, and the true cost of managing payrolls in their industry.

    MS Payroll offers affordable payroll processing, tax payment/filing services, AND the consulting services necessary to help owners determine what to do themselves, vs. what to outsource. MS Payroll offers an initial consultation at an affordable rate – and if you choose to use MS Payroll for one or more services, the consultation is free.

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