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Mark travels across the country performing 2 day seminars, instructing payroll professionals on the basics of payroll management. Using his interactive, conversational style, Mark engages the audience and makes them feel he is a partner in their success.

This training course will help you to understand and properly comply with the multitude of federal and state requirements, as well as provide best practices in an easy-to-understand format that'll have you a payroll pro in no time!

By attending this two-day seminar, you receive:

  • Detailed training on the many payroll rules, laws, and requirements

  • Tips And Examples Of Common Errors And Mistakes - As Well As Guidance On How To Avoid Them

  • Interactive Exercises That Help You Practice What You Learn

  • Online Access To Our Payroll Training & Certification Programs

  • OnDemand Access To A Reference Library Of Specialty Training Webinars

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